Professionally security protect for events.

With the event security, VN24H understands that every event is unique: the complexityis never the same, no event is the same as any event. That requires the need for security protection to be customized according to each event. We arrange the security guards  with the appropriate profession in each area to be protected, our security guards are always available to meet full-time, part-time. We are always ready to: Security for your event perfectly.

VN24H’s management and security guards have many years of experience in ensuring security for various types of events, diverse locations, and service areas listed below:

Security protection for conferences: economic, shareholders …

Security protection for opening ceremony: companies, factories, groundbreaking construction works ..

Security protection for meeting: Shareholders meeting…

Security protection for wedding: weddings at private houses, public places, restaurants, hotels ….

Security protection for live shows: music, fashion shows, award shows, movie premieres …

Security protection for exhibitions and fairs: industrial and agricultural exhibitions, automotive exhibitions …

Security protection for outdoor parties: parties, picnic …

Security protection for festivals: pagodas, temples …


– Access control
– Managing alcohol
– Protect of artists, VIPs.
– Check cards & greetings, instructions.
– Security entrance
– Security floor / lobby
– Security Parking lot in / out
– Support moving, picking up
– Security the area around
– Reaction team / patrol team

More than just an Event Security Service, please contact Viet Nam 24H Sercurity Service Company at (84) 915925911, you will have a comprehensive security service.