VN24H is proud to be a security company with experience, competence, ethics and commitment in customer satisfaction.


With the above criteria and values, our company officials, managers, employees and customers work together in a unified approach: providing high quality and safe services. We understand the needs of our customers in the fast growing market economy and the security challenges it brings. Our centralized management approach is proactive in predicting change, rather than reacting to change. VN24H security expert with over 15 years of experience designing solutions and managing advanced protection solutions focused on protection and prevention.


Our executive board, commander, and management department have worked together for many years and we are proud of the wonderful results we have achieved, and from “the learning experience” that we have achieved in security programs for businesses, organizations and special events … VN24H knows: customer satisfaction is to measure daily and must aim for greater safety, which is an important part of the culture of VN24H.