Welcome to Vietnam 24H Security  company ( VN24H)

““We are a united team, ready to meet any security challenges that clients entrusted.”

Vietnam 24H provide an effective security service with reasonable cost which follows a guideline “all for security and cultural values of customer”

VN24H proud to be a security company which has: experience, competence, ethics and commitment to satisfy customer 

VN24H is a security company which understands their customer & reliable in the security industry, VN24H know what the industry requires and the company always makes our clients satisfied with the standards of the following criteria: 

 Ethics and honesty in business

 Always interested in satisfaction / customer feedback

 Safe, cost effective and professional activities

 Always take care of employees, to growth and sustainable development

 Customers and we are Partner.

 Operate in the model of: Supports centralized / dispersed operations  X


Choosing a security company can be a complex process. Based on our experience, we have simplified this process to help achieve the goal of protecting the security of customers quickly and confidently with a 3-step formula for success: Calling, Evaluate & Solutions.  

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Hotline 24/7 : 0919 568 911
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